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Beneficiaries from Social Insurance (1000 Cases)

This idicators measure the ability of the state to include a number of the population with a low standard of living .

Date 2016/12/13
Module Indicators

Crude Divorce Rate (\1000 population)

It refers to the number of divorces in a given year per 1,000 of the population during the year, and this rate is calculated using the number of divorces and not the number of people who are divorced.

Date 2016/04/04
Module Indicators

Crude Marriage Rate ( \1,000 population(

Crude marriage rate is defined as the number of marriages per 1,000 of the total population in a given year , and this rate is based on the number of marriages and not on the number of people who are married.

Date 2016/04/04
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General Index of Consumer Confidence (point)

It is a measure of economic performance which is used to measure citizen’s degree of satisfaction about the current economic conditions and the extent of optimism about the development during the coming year.

Date 2017/02/08
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