• %0.75 increase the inflation rate in the Sultanate in December 2018 ​Dhofar witnessed the highest rate of increase in inflation (1.52%), followed by Al-Batinah North (1.5%) and Ad-Dakhliyah(0.95%).
  • 201 thousand and 244 Omani public sector pensioner’s funds by the end of November 2018 ​An increase of 0.1% compared to October 2018, and the number of males 118 thousand and 620 citizens, while the number of females 82 thousand and 624.
  • More than 188.7 million OMR hotel revenues by the end of November 2018 ​The occupancy rate increased by 0.9% to 57% compared to 56.5% for the same period of 2017.

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1,751,196 43.90%
2,271,196 56.10%
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The Share per capita in the Gross National product (R.O.)

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Change in water production (%)

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Statistics … The Way Forward


Today data is considered as a valuable wealth as it is used in many areas. (Williams, T, & studiO, 2016) has mentioned in his article “The Importance of Statistics in Management Decision Making” that data is important in areas like,  focus... More Details

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Omanization in Private Sector (%)

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12 %

The Share of Fish Activates in the GDP (%)

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0.8 %

Share of Agricultural Sector in GDP (%)

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1.5 %
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