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Inflation Report : October 2018


Inflation is one of the most important economic indicators that countries are seeking to reduce their rates appropriately in order to achieve the financial and economic stability. In this context, the Center issued a monthly report to follow-up the inflation and measuring the continuing rise in the general price level.

All current economic and social systems are suffering from high prices phenomenon, inflation report issued by the Center supports various authorities to take the necessary measures to reduce inflation both on the fiscal policy or monetary policy.

This report is very important for many governmental agencies, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, as well as international, academic and research bodies and the private sector.

The report reviews the most inflation rates during the month, and prices movement in the various provinces. It focuses on the follow-up of selected commodity group called "commodity group under the microscope". The report reviews the data in a modern style combining statistical tables, charts and the use of geographic information systems

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13 N/A monthly Consumer price index Statistical Report
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