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Monthly Statistical Bulletin : October 2018


There is no doubt that the Figurative Language enhanced with evidence and proofs is the civilized world language, which is the most efficient way to deliver clear and understandable message, accordingly, the National Center for Statistics and Information issued a monthly statistical bulletin consistent with international trends and recommendations in terms of concepts, definitions and statistical data that can be provided with taking into consideration the local conditions.

This Bulletin covers statistics related to all sectors in the Sultanate collectively and comprehensive, making it a reliable by large segments of the governmental and non-governmental beneficiaries as well as many international institutions, the monthly statistical bulletin covers the following on a regular basis: aggregate economic and social indicators, Population Registered by Governorate and nationality, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices, overall financial indicators, foreign trade indicators, Trade Exchange by Major Countries, the oil and gas sector indicators, refineries and petroleum industries, finance and banking, Muscat Securities Market, Sultanate Consumer Price Index, fishing sector indicators, national and expatriate labor force indicators, indicators of basic services such as electricity, water and communications, aviation, ships and vehicles indicators, real estate and tourism activity indicators.

The Publication used a clear method to display the spreadsheets combining Arabic and English, and enhanced with graphic illustrations, where it is made available in both hard and soft.

The Center used to publish this bulletin through multiple data sources, such as the sectorial operational units of the ministries and institutions, through which, indicators are followed-up as well as statistical data that already available and calculated within the Center.

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