Gross Domestic Product at Current Prices (Bn. R.O.)

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an economic criterion to measure any country's economy, and is widely used by economists to measure the slowdown, recovery and beyond, the Monetary capacity of the economy to deal with external factors.
Indicator Unit (ع)
مليار ريال عماني
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National Accounts

It is the gross value of the goods and services , produced inside the country (Gross Production), minus raw materials and the other goods and services consumed during the process of production (Intermediate Consumption) within a specified period usually one year and is equal to the (value added for all resident producers.) the GDP also equals the gross Final Expenditure ( the Final Private Consumption, Gross Capital Formation, Government Final Consumption and exports of goods and services) minus imports of goods and services.
GDP = total production - intermediate consumption.
 Quarterly & Yearly.
:Unit of Measurement
Billion Rial Omani
Administrative records for each of: the Royal Oman Police, the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Oman Oil Company refineries and petroleum industries, Oman LNG.

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