Total Population (000)

Indicator Description
The indicator reflects the total number of population in the country as per the registry of the Royal Oman Police.
Indicator Unit (ع)
ألف نسمة
Indicator Type
Indicator Value
Indicator Date
Jan 2019
Total Population


Daily actual number of the population in Oman as per the Royal Oman Police records according the following criteria
First: Omani Population
Includes all alive Omanis holding an official valid document registered in the National Civil System, or even expired but for less than ten years
Second: Expatriate Population
Includes all residents holding valid visas and their presence is not required in the Sultanate within the period allowed by law. Residents with expired visas for a maximum of two years and companions holding valid visas are also included provided that they are in the country
The index is available on a daily basis in the population clock, while the annual review the data in the graph and map


Data is collected through administrative records ROP according to the criteria described above


Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

:Unit of Measurement

 Thousand people


The Royal Oman Police

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