Yes. All institutions and individuals who are interested in carrying out statistical surveys, public opinion polls or even connecting with the public in a way or another for the purpose of collecting information or data, must obtain prior

They are 20 indicators related to monitoring the second long term development strategy (1996-2010), where three of them are displayed monthly through the home page.

It’s a daily register of the population count in the Sultanate since 1st January 2015, based on the registry of the Royal Oman Police and according to the criteria mentioned on the population clock page.

Meta data of all statistics and indicators displayed on the web-portal can be found when clicking on the indicator it self. Data portal also contains meta data of all its’ indicators.

Statistics and indicators are available on the home page as well as the statistics and Indicators pages in Knowledge menu. Specialists, academics and researchers can find more data through the data portal. NCSI’s smart mobile applications provide also a range of indicators, as well as , its’ social media channels and publications. Data request can be send through the form on the electronic services on the home page.

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